Brent Bozell's Obama-Stupak conspiracy theory makes no sense

On his Twitter account, Brent Bozell -- president of the Media Research Center -- wonders what President Obama “offer[ed]” Rep. Bart Stupak to get him to retire, adding: “This reeks to high heaven.”

Bozell's conspiracy theory makes absolutely no sense. According to media reports, President Obama wanted Stupak to stay, not retire.

  • NY Times: “In conversations over the last week, party officials said, Mr. Stupak told Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mr. Obama and other party leaders that he was leaning against running in November. They urged Mr. Stupak to reconsider, officials said, because his seat would become an opportunity for Republicans to gain ground in their bid to win control of the House.”
  • (liberal bias!): “President Obama called Stupak on Wednesday to talk him out of retiring, Fox News learned.”
  • Politico: “President Barack Obama called Stupak on Wednesday and asked him not to retire.”

Brent Bozell's purported occupation is to follow and critique the news. Quite a shame he and his organization do it so badly.