Bozell complains Glee's Chris Colfer, Hollywood are “evangelists for ... sexual immorality”

In a column, NewsBusters' Brent Bozell complains that Entertainment Weekly, Glee's Chris Colfer, Hollywood press awards (Colfer just won a Golden Globe for playing a bullied gay teen on Glee), and the entertainment industry in general are “evangelists for a revolution of sexual immorality.” Bozell also criticized Colfer for his acceptance speech, in which he dedicated his award to kids who face bullying because of who they are:

If anyone doubts that our entertainment industry and our entertainment media are evangelists for a revolution of sexual immorality (or in their lingo, “progress”), he needs only to read the latest cover story in Entertainment Weekly magazine, a “special report” on gay teen characters on TV, and “How a bold new class of young gay characters on shows like 'Glee' is changing hearts, minds, and Hollywood.”

Gay “Glee” actor Chris Colfer and his boyfriend on the show, Darren Criss, lovingly put their heads together on the cover. Colfer just won a Golden Globe for his part, which is another way the Hollywood press rewards propagandizing the youth of America. In his acceptance speech, he lamented anyone who would say a discouraging word about teen homosexuality, somehow putting all of those words in mouths of bullies: “Screw that, kids!”


As you might suspect, Entertainment Weekly didn't plan to debate gay teen propaganda, but to encourage it, energetically. Not a single soul had anything critical to say. Not even a question. If this magazine weren't so earnestly in the tank, the story could come with a disclaimer: “This issue is an advertisement bought and paid for by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.


They are not celebrating diversity. They are intimidating dissidents.

In their Gay Teen Timeline, we hear the gay actors proclaiming the lack of opposition. ”We never received a negative word," says the gay actor on ABC's 1994 bomb “My So-Called Life.” The gay teen on ABC's “Ugly Betty” insisted “99 percent of the public response was positive.” Translation: get in line.

Bozell has a history of anti-gay rhetoric. He previously argued Hollywood demonstrated “liberal bias” by failing to portray gays as “morally wrong.” He's also warned that the gay lifestyle and agenda “endorses the right of gays to marry and teach children, and that's in utter opposition to mainstream America.” Bozell's Media Research Council is also boycotting the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), becuase GOProud, a group for conservative gays and their allies, is participating.