On Fox, former Trump national security aide suggests that the US should kill civilians in Afghanistan

K.T. McFarland: Tell Afghanistan “We will come back here, and we will find who helped assist attacks on the American homeland. And we will bomb them. ... And since you don't care about civilian deaths, we're not going to either.”

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Citation From the September 9 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

BILL HEMMER (CO-ANCHOR): What is your take on what wass happening over the weekend with Afghanistan and the Taliban? What do you think?

K.T. MCFARLAND (FORMER TRUMP DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER): A couple of thoughts. One, I think that they were hoping that they'd have a deal. They probably thought they had a deal, it'd be a great place to announce it, and a great symbol to announce it. But now that they don't have a deal, I think it's important that they canceled it. One, you don't want the Taliban to think they've got the upper hand. Number two, it's time for the Taliban to contemplate what life is going to be like when America leaves. No American aid, no American assistance, and they can go ahead and kill each other for the end of time. And then I think number three, the fact that it wasn't a deal. It would have been such a travesty to have had it at Camp David on the anniversary of September 11.

HEMMER: But the theory probably serves that maybe they thought they had something to announce.

MCFARLAND: I think you're right. You know Bill, I actually think that that would have made a lot of sense, and I think you're right. And nobody's saying that right now, but I think the Taliban just double-crossed them. 


MCFARLAND: I would say that at this point, say to the Afghanistan government, say to the Taliban, we're leaving. And here's the deal: You don't kill Americans, you don't kill Americans in Afghanistan, you don't kill Americans anywhere in the world, and you sure as heck don't kill Americans in the American homeland. And if you do, you will not get another dollar of American aid anytime, anyplace, anywhere. And secondly, we will come back here, and we will find who helped assist attacks on the American homeland, and we will bomb them. We will bomb the training camps, we will bomb the bases, and since you don't care about civilian deaths, we're not going to either.