Fox reporter says tear-gassed peaceful protesters were “ushered” out of Lafayette Park by police

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Citation From the June 1, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

KEVIN CORKE (FOX CORRESPONDENT): Evening Tucker. Obviously a very different scene than we saw last night. We are here at the intersection of 16th and I, and if you know the city, that's just a block away from Lafayette Park. And while things are very calm here -- as you see we are surrounded by law enforcement all over. In fact there are several vans here to collect those who are out after curfew, so that can certainly be happening here in the next few moments. We've actually seen a couple people already arrested. 

Compare that to what we saw earlier today here in Lafayette Park. It was really quite the scene. We saw a huge rush of people coming at us. Of course were set up just outside of St. John's Church because we wanted to get all the pictures and the sound to see how the park might be different than last night. I mean, last night was really quite something. Of course we saw that all the numbers of fires, including the one in the basement of the parish office over at St. John's. Today, a very different scene for a while. You saw the wild movement of the crowd. They were actually ushered in a direction by law enforcement and then cordoned off eventually right here on 16th. But again, very different from last night. We're hopeful that things remain calm. If I were to compare, I'd say there's no comparison. Right now a very different scene here in Washington.