Fox contributor Katie Pavlich says there is too much focus on “politics and emotion rather than constitutionality” of the Affordable Care Act

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Citation From October 12, 2020, Fox News coverage of Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings:

SANDRA SMITH (ANCHOR): Katie, your thoughts on what you have seen and heard so far. 

KATIE PAVLICH (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, Democrats are certainly taking the political tact here, and the focus on Obamacare is an interesting one and the way that they are presenting this to the American people today. A number of these senators are attorneys, they are lawyers. They have studied constitutional law. I haven't heard any of them, except for Republicans, talk about whether Obamacare is constitutional.

And if Democrats are so concerned about the constitutionality of this piece of legislation, then maybe back in the day when they actually rushed it through, when it was passed, should have written a law that they could pass Constitutional muster.


But going back to Obamacare real quickly, while they are not arguing the Constitutionality of a bill that they wrote and voted for and passed with no Republican support years ago, they are making an emotional argument in terms of politics because of the election and healthcare being a top priority for voters. So while Republicans are talking about Constitutionality, they are doing their job in terms of consent and advisement after the president gave them a nominee, Democrats are focused on politics and emotion rather than the constitutionality of the bill that they passed in the middle of the night so many years ago.