Fox's Karl Rove doesn't care about the intelligence behind killing Soleimani because he was “evil”

17 years after the US invasion of Iraq, Rove still doesn't need to see the intelligence before endorsing violence in the Middle East

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Citation From the January 9, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing

TRACE GALLAGHER (GUEST HOST): There's this big controversy going on, as you know Karl, about the intel leading up to the killing of Soleimani. And you say that, you know, if Soleimani was planning new strikes, that's even more reason to take him out. Are we reading into that that you believe that he should have been taken out either way? 

KARL ROVE (FORMER GEORGE W. BUSH CHIEF OF STAFF): Look, he's not a bad actor, he's an evil actor. This is a man who has the blood of literally thousands of Americans, and tens of thousands of his co-religion, his fellow Muslims and people in the neighborhood, Iraqis, Syrians, Yeminites, Saudis, you name it. This guy's a stone cold killer who, for two decades, has had one goal and one goal only, which is the destruction of the west, the humiliation of the United States of America, the expulsion of the infidels from the region, and the dominance of the weird ideology, extremist ideology of the Ayatollahs of Iran. And so -- I don't mourn his passing. I think the administration had a chance to take him out, he's been designated as a terrorist for nearly 20 years, he's been under a travel ban by unanimous vote of the U.N. security council since 2007. It shows the hubris of this man that he thought that he could fly in and out of Iraq on his plane from Tehran, and conspire with his proxies to take assaults on Americans, and not face retribution.