Courage and hypocrisy: Rove complains that Obama “plays fast and loose with the facts”

In his new memoir Courage and Consequence, Karl Rove slams President Barack Obama as a hypocritical Chicago politician who “plays fast and loose with the facts” (pg. 514). The accusation is particularly rich coming from Karl Rove -- a man who has made a post-White House career out of launching countless falsehoods and smears against President Obama and his administration. From the archives:

Rove pals around with falsehood that Ayers was “Obama's great friend”

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Quick Fact: On Fox, Rove falsely suggests Obama is responsible for entire FY09 deficit

Rove falsely claimed Obama didn't “speak out” about troops in Afghanistan

Rove memory loss: Op-ed accuses Obama of “unusual” use of Friday news dumps

On Fox & Friends, Rove decides that Obama's bow was “inappropriate” and evidence of a “world-wide apology tour”

Rove blames KSM trial on “long-standing plot” by Obama administration's “left-wing lawyers who do not love America”

Rove advances “glaring misstatements” and “distortions” in criticizing Obama speech

Rove falsely claimed Obama admin. pushing vets toward “assisted suicide”

Rove falsely claimed Obama didn't warn economy may get worse

Rove claims prosecuting torture memo authors will turn Obama admin “into the moral equivalent of a Latin American country run by colonels in mirrored sunglasses”

Rove again mischaracterized quotation -- this time falsely claiming Obama criticized stimulus bill as “deficit spending”

Rove advances falsehoods about Obama's “lipstick” remark

Hannity, Rove repeated refuted claim about Obama's house

Hannity, Rove revive false claims about Obama statement concerning Pakistan

Rove falsely claimed Obama was not a professor

In vicious new smear, Rove falsely claims Jennings advocated for NAMBLA

Blown circuits: Rove levels attack on Sotomayor based on false claim that she and Alito were colleagues