Viral claim that Kamala Harris hasn't taken questions as VP nominee isn't exactly true

The reporter who made the claim tweeted a clarification that got far fewer shares

A viral claim on Twitter that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris hasn’t taken any questions from the media is technically not true, according to the reporter who tweeted it -- yet the clarification has not been seen by as many people as has the original, misleading tweet, which is still live.

On September 22, NBC reporter Deepa Shivaram, who is following Harris as an embedded reporter with the Joe Biden campaign, tweeted that “the senator has not once formally taken questions from the press” since being nominated for vice president. A few minutes later, Shivaram acknowledged that Harris “sat down for two interviews, ones with NBC and CNN,” and “she has done local press interviews in the states she's traveled to,” specifying that “there has not been a gaggle where reporters who are on the ground can ask questions.”

The original tweet alleging that Harris “has not once formally taken questions from the press” went viral. The clarification, which acknowledges that the initial claim is misleading, was seen by far fewer people.

As Shivaram acknowledged after the fact, since her nomination, Harris has given interviews to NBC and CNN, and a number of local media outlets in (at least) Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Harris also gave an interview to ABC News, and to several news websites catering to specific demographics, like The 19th and theGrio. Harris also spoke with a journalist on a Miami-area radio station catering to Spanish-speaking voters. 

Shivaram’s clarification got significantly less engagement than the original post -- nearly 8,000 retweets and quote tweets for the initial, misleading claim, and less than 80 retweets and quote tweets for the clarification at the time this piece is published. The original post was shared by journalists from ABC News (which interviewed Harris), CBS, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and Politico. It was also shared by President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, a Trump campaign operative, and a Fox News anchor.