Law Enforcement Memo Links Arizona Assassin To “Anti-Immigration” American Renaissance

A law enforcement memo reportedly states that alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner is “possibly linked” to the white supremacist magazine American Renaissance, edited by Jared Taylor. As the memo indicates, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was targeted in the attack, is “opposite this group's ideology” on immigration.

Memo: Loughner “Possibly Linked” To “Anti Immigration” American Renaissance

Memo Also Notes Giffords Was “Opposite This Group's Ideology” On Immigration. Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffen reported on “a law enforcement memo” on the shooting “based on information provided by DHS and obtained by Fox News” stated:

According to a law enforcement memo based on information provided by DHS and obtained by Fox News, Jared Loughner, the alleged shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, may have been influenced by a pro-white racist organization that publishes an anti-immigration newsletter.

No direct connection, but strong suspicion is being direceted at American Renaissance, an organization that Loughner mentioned in some of his internet postings and federal law enforcement officials are investigating Loughner's possible links to the organization. The organization is a monthly publication that promotes a variety of white racial positions.

“The group's ideology is anti government, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic,” according to the memo which goes on to point out that Congressman Giffords is the first Jewish female elected to high office in Arizona. A recent posting on American Renaissance's website on January 7 begins with an article entitled: “Exit poll: Whites are Different.” The site goes on to list anti-immigration articles. Investigators are also pursuing Loughner's alleged anti-Semitism. [, 1/9/11]

In a separate post, Fox News provided excerpts from the memo stating that Giffords was “opposite this group's ideology when it came to immigration debate”:

no direct connection - but strong suspicion is being directed at AmRen / American Renaissance. Suspect is possibly linked to this group. (through videos posted on his myspace and YouTube account.). The group's ideology is anti government, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic. Gabrielle Gifford is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government. She was also opposite this group's ideology when it came to immigration debate. [, 1/9/11]

American Renaissance Editor: We Don't Need “More Hispanics”

AmRes On Passage Of Immigration Law: “The Counterrevolution Began In Arizona.” From an unsigned American Renaissance “In The News” piece:

If Americans ever get their country back, future historians may write that the counterrevolution began in Arizona. The state set off a national uproar when Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law allowing state and local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws. As leftwing commentators and Hispanic activists continue to talk nonsense about what they call a “Nazi” law, it is worth taking a look at what it actually does. [American Renaissance, June 2010]

Taylor: “Do We Need More Hispanics?” No. In an article posted on the anti-immigrant website VDARE, Taylor writes:

When it comes to race, otherwise rational whites seem to believe the only consideration is to avoid being called “racist.” The country therefore does not even ask whether it needs millions more Hispanics, much less answer the question honestly.

If we were rational, we would weigh the pros and cons and decide that the cons have it. If the newcomers were white but had Hispanic rates of crime, poverty, illegitimacy, school failure, etc. we would tell them to stay home. But the thought of telling non-whites to stay home turns whites to jelly.

This explains what otherwise makes no sense. It explains why we appear to have become dissatisfied with only a black underclass, and decided to establish a Hispanic underclass as well.

Now the two can fight each other in schools and prisons, burden our social system, and cloud our future for generations to come. [, 1/10/07]

  • SPLC: Is An “Anti-Immigration Hate Website.” From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Originally established in 1999 by the Center for American Unity, a Virginia-based nonprofit foundation started by English immigrant Peter Brimelow, is an anti-immigration hate website “dedicated to preserving our historical unity as Americans into the 21st Century.” Now run by the VDARE Foundation, the site is a place where relatively intellectually inclined leaders of the anti-immigrant movement share their opinions. also regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites. [, accessed 1/9/11]

Taylor Attacked Sotomayor For Using Spanish Pronunciation Of Her Name. From an article posted on

I first recall it happening in the 1980s. You could always tell who liked the Sandinistas by the way they said "NicaRAAAgua," with an exaggerated Spanish accent.

Now Spanish pronunciation is everywhere. On National Public Radio, every Mexican name gets a rolled "R" and flat vowels.

No one does this with French or German names. Not even the wildest Francophile would pronounce Detroit or Illinois or Lake Pontchartrain the way the French do. But it proves you love “diversity” if you talk about Los Angeles the way a Mexican would.

Barack Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court wants to give us language lessons, too. We're not supposed to pronounce her name the way an American would, with the accent on the first syllable and the last two syllables rhyming with “mayor,” as in the mayor of Chicago. She insists on a Spanish pronunciation.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Antonin Scalia don't tell us to pronounce their names the way their Polish or Italian ancestors did. They are Americans and understand the way Americans speak.

Not Sonia. As she keeps telling us, although she is American-born, she is a“Latina”--forget that English dispensed with this type of gender distinction a thousand years ago--and she wants to remind us of this every time we hear her name.


Americans speak English, and not just any kind of English. We don't talk about lorries and lifts, and we don't twist our mouths into funny shapes just because foreigners tell us to.

Why should this Supreme Court nominee get special treatment? Keep pronouncing her name the way an American would. [, 6/2/09]

Taylor: “Hispanics Are Loyal To Race And Homeland, Not America.” From an American Renaissance article titled, “Hispanic Racial Consciousness, Part I; Hispanics are loyal to race and homeland, not America”:

Traditionally, when Americans thought of race, they thought of the often painful history of relations between blacks and whites. This view is out of date; the United States now has several racial fault lines rather than just one. The scarcely-noticed handful of Hispanics present in the 1950s has become the largest racial minority in the country.

Like blacks, many Hispanics have identities -- racial, ethnic, or national -- that prevent full or even primary identification as Ame-ricans. Immigrants from Mexico, who account for two thirds of all Hispanics, are especially ambivalent and often even hostile towards the United States. It is part of their national culture to see the United States as an imperialist power that humiliated and dismembered Mexico after the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848. Many openly preach reconquista or reconquest -- at least culturally, and perhaps even politically -- of those regions of the American Southwest that were once Mexican.

There are already parts of the United States in which people live in exclusively Spanish-speaking environments, where they have no need to be part of the larger culture. If Hispanic immigration, both legal and illegal, continues at its current pace, these areas will grow, and become increasingly isolated and alien. At the same time, through sheer force of numbers, Hispanics are imposing their language, politics, and cultural preferences on other Americans.

Blacks have been part of the United States for hundreds of years. Brought involuntarily, they have a historic and moral claim on America. Hispanics, whose presence in large numbers is recent and unplanned, do not have the same claims, but this has not prevented them from making similar demands. They have been quick to assume the mantle of victimhood, to attribute poverty or social failure to racism, and to take advantage of preference programs originally established for descendants of slaves. Even Hispanics who have just arrived in this country do not hesitate to accept advantages in the name of “diversity” or “equal opportunity” that are denied to whites.

Hispanics are therefore very much like blacks in their vivid sense of their own group interests, their tendency to see the world in starkly racial/ethnic terms, and their reluctance to adopt the broader American identity whites think necessary for integration and assimilation. This racial/ethnic identity is kept fresh by the continuous arrival of new immigrants. However, even if immigration were to stop tomorrow, there are now enough Hispanics -- especially Mexicans -- to maintain a particularist, parochial identity indefinitely. In the space of just a few decades our country has established a second group of Americans with many of the most disturbing characteristics of blacks: racially distinct, with an inward-looking identity, suffering disproportionately from poverty, crime, illegitimacy and school failure. [American Renaissance, April 2007]

Taylor Pushes Discredited “Reconquista” Smear. From an American Renaissance article titled “Hispanic Racial Consciousness, Part II; They make no secret of wanting your country”:

If some Mexican-Americans have their way, they will not have to go back to be buried; Mexico will come to them. What is called the Reconquista movement aims to break the Southwest off from the United States and reattach it to Mexico or even establish it as an independent, all-Hispanic nation. In historic terms, it would reverse the territorial consequences of the Mexican-American war. Reconquista is generally promoted by the best-educated Hispanics, many of whom were born in the United States.


Probably the best known Reconquista organization is the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan, better know by its Spanish acronym of MEChA. The word Aztlan in the organization's name means “the bronze continent,” and is the name activists plan to give the new nation they carve out of the United States. One of its founding documents, El Plan de Aztlan, describes white people as “the brutal 'gringo',” and calls for Mexicans to reclaim “the land of their birth” and “declare the independence of our mestizo nation.” The group's motto is Por la Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada: “For the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing.” Founded in 1969 at the University of California at Santa Barbara, MEChA now has chapters on nearly every California college campus and in most high schools in the state. It has a considerable presence in other Western states as well. The official symbol of MEChA is an eagle holding an Incan battle axe and a lighted stick of dynamite. The slogan that goes with the symbol, Hasta la victoria, siempre! (Until victory, always!) was a favorite of Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution.


The number-one political goal of Hispanics is amnesty for illegal immigrants and yet more Hispanic immigration. If American politicians refuse to set policy according to national needs, if they sacrifice the longer-term interests of America for the short-term political gain of placating Hispanic voters, they will eventually find themselves pushed aside by sheer force of numbers.

Like those of blacks, Hispanic group interests are narrowly defined and do not leave much room for broader, national interests. There is no sign that as Hispanics increase in numbers they are expanding their horizons to include these broader interests.

After decades of accepting sole responsibility for the failure of blacks to become full-fledged Americans, whites should have learned that multiracialism is an endless Calvary of accusations, resentments, demands, failures, and conflicts. It was the worst of folly needlessly to have established yet another minority to tread this bitter and all-too-familiar ground.

More and more Americans recognize that we are, in effect, giving our country away to foreigners who care nothing for us or for our traditions. It is this largely inchoate realization that drives ordinary Americans and even a few in Congress to see that we face a choice that is nothing short of a civilizational crisis: Will we remain part of the West or will we leave to our grandchildren a shapeless, Third-World jumble in which the men and culture of Europe are on their way to oblivion? We still have a choice if only we have the will. [American Renaissance, May 2007]

  • SPLC: “Reconquista” Myth Pushed By “Vitrolic Mexican Basher.” From an article in SPLC's Intelligence Report:

If there were a Paul Revere of the anti-immigration movement, it would be Glenn Spencer, a vitriolic Mexican-basher who may have done more than anyone to spread the myth of a secret Mexican conspiracy to reconquer the Southwest.

The so-called reconquista, an alleged plot to turn several American states into a Mexican state or some kind of puppet government controlled by Mexico, has been a top concern for Spencer for years. Back in 1999, he put it like this: “The consul general says Mexico is reconquering California. A Mexican intellectual suggests that anyone who doesn't like Mexicans should leave California. What else do you need to hear? RECONQUISTA IS REAL... . EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN IN OUR NATION MUST BE DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. ... IF WE CAN BOMB THE TV STATION IN BELGRADE [in the former Yugoslavia] WE CAN SHUT DOWN [U.S. Spanish-language stations] TELEMUNDO AND UNIVISION.” [Intelligence Report, Winter 2005]

  • Right-Wing CNS: MEChA Works To Promote College Education For Latino Students. Cybercast News Service reported in July 2007: “according to observers on the left and the right, the modern MEChA movement is run by college students and focuses mainly on encouraging Latino high school students to go to college and the retention of Latino students already enrolled in universities.” [, 7/3/07]

Giffords Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Opposes “Extreme” Arizona Law

One Month Before Attack, Giffords Voted For DREAM Act. [H.R. 5281, Vote #625, 12/8/10]

Giffords Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In her first House floor speech, Giffords said:

We must move this year with a sense of urgency to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package that's tough, effective, and practical.

We need to increase border security using modern-era technology radar, drones, electronic surveillance. There must be more border patrol agents and more support for those border patrol agents.

We also need tough employer sanctions for those employers who are knowingly hiring people illegally and a guest worker program so that people can come in and work legally, safely, and return back to their home country. [, 1/12/07]

Giffords Opposes “Divisive,” “Extreme” 2010 Arizona Immigration Law. From a Giffords press release:

Arizona is now known around the world for enacting an extreme immigration law in response to the federal government's failure to act. This law does nothing to secure our border. My hope is that the events that have unfolded in Phoenix recently are a wake-up call to Washington politicians who for too long have refused to take seriously their responsibility to address the crisis on our border.


The point made by President Shelton highlights what might be the most egregious aspect of Arizona's new immigration law: its divisiveness. Our state has thrived on its ability to attract new residents, businesses and visitors from around the world. Our cities and towns have long-benefitted from the influx of those seeking new opportunities. This law stands in direct contradiction to our past and, as a result, threatens our future. [, 4/30/10]