Fox guest says affirmative action decision will result in “minimizing wokeness throughout this country”

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Citation From the June 29, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

JULIE BANDERAS (GUEST HOST): We're talking amongst a very woke time in this country where schools in particular are super woke and the universities and their professors and it just trickles down from there. How might this turn the tide when it comes to that issue in the country, which is a huge problem? 

LEO TERRELL (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): This is a tremendous impact on what will happen in the future. And it will have a chilling effect on those who want to play the race card. Let me be clear about this. I mean, Julie, this is not 1965. We have minorities on the Supreme Court. We have a black president. We have people of color throughout the entire government. So what will happen now is that now litigants will have the Supreme Court ruling in their hands and say you can't play the race card here. And if you do I'll sue you. You asked Shannon a question. Numerous private lawsuits will stop this wokeness, will stop putting one race against another. This ruling will have a powerful effect on minimizing wokeness throughout this country.