Joy Reid: “According to an analysis by Media Matters, coverage of crime plummeted” on Fox News post-election

Reid: “Apparently, crime is the 2022 version of Hillary Clinton’s emails”

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Citation From the November 28, 2022, edition of MSNBC's The Reid Out 

JOY REID (HOST): Remember before the midterm elections when Republicans -- aided, quite frankly, by much of the media -- were all about inflation, gas prices, and crime? They insisted that crime was a top issue for voters, right up there with inflation and would propel Republicans to a red wave. I mean abortion -- fa-bortion?

Well, outside the New York City suburbs, voters did not bite on that narrative. And according to an analysis by Media Matters, coverage of crime plummeted by half on the right wing echo chamber Fox News as soon as the election ended. Apparently, crime is the 2022 version of Hillary Clinton's emails. There is, however, one type of crime Republicans are not especially interested in, even as it continues unabated: Our nation's epidemic of gun violence.