Fox News regular Joe diGenova compares Democrats to Nazis and impeachment to Hitler's “big lie” propaganda

Joe diGenova: Impeachment “is nothing more than the Nazi version of the big -- you know the Nazis had something called the big lie"

Joe diGenova WMAL 1/21/19

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Citation From the January 20, 2020, edition of WMAL's Mornings on the Mall

MARY WALTER (HOST): Joe, we see your wife, Victoria Toensing, her name being in the news more and more in connection with Lev Parnas and connected in this newly-released evidence regarding Lev Parnas, that he has handed over. What is your relationship with Lev Parnas?

JOSEPH DIGENOVA: Well, as you know, we represent a Ukrainian national by the name of Dmitry Firtash in an extradition proceeding out of Austria. We were retained by Mr. Firtash and have represented him before the Department of Justice. In the course of representing him, we met a Mr. Parnas, and Mr. Parnas served as an interpreter and a translator for us and a person with knowledge of Ukrainian politics, which we put to good use in our representation of our client. Other than that, there's not much I can say about it since I have something called the attorney-client privilege, which includes confidential communications, documents, and persons. And I must say -- that's the only thing I can say about Mr. Parnas is it's a sad example of what happens when you get a bad lawyer. And apparently Mr. Parnas has a very bad lawyer, putting him out on television to continue to insinuate himself into a process where I think he looks worse and worse and his credibility goes down the drain every day he appears and talks.


WALTER: Joe, what do you make of this document dump and this information dump from Parnas, from his lawyers, going to Adam Schiff and not to, I don't know, any other authority or you know, the DOJ or the FBI or something. It goes to Adam Schiff. Why is that?

DIGENOVA: Well, let's remember what's going on here. Adam Schiff is the leader of this rather bizarre, I call it Goebbels-like Big Lie. Adam Schiff has been in charge of trying to destroy Donald Trump from the day Donald Trump was elected and maybe even before. I have no idea why Mr. Parnas is doing what he's doing, but he is playing directly into the hands of somebody like Adam Schiff, who even -- Adam Schiff has said that he will not vouch for the credibility of Mr. Parnas.

That said, what Adam Schiff has done, is he has created a false impeachment, and I commend to everyone the answer of the president that was filed yesterday, the beautiful six-page answer, from Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone, which outlines completely the president's defense.


DIGENOVA: Again, I commend the people, the president's answer that was filed yesterday by Cipollone and Sekulow, it is beautifully written. It is very simple and easy to understand. And what they argue is, is that the Democrats didn't win the 2016 election and so they decided that they're going to try and nullify it by an impeachment, which is nothing more than the Nazi version of the big -- you know the Nazis had something called the Big Lie, which Joseph Goebbels put forth to convince people to hate the Jews and to hate all sorts of groups of people. That's what the Democrats have done here. They've adopted the Big Lie as a way to impeach the president. It will fail.

But let's remember what the plan of the Democrats is. The Democrats are using this as a template to use not only against Trump, but if they take over the Senate, which is their goal, they try to impeach [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh on the same basis. This is just the beginning. So, look out folks. If they take over the Senate this is going to be a very difficult -- because I expect the president to be reelected after this monstrous miscarriage of justice in the Senate is disposed of.

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