Right-wing radio host John Fredericks is evading his YouTube ban

After having his account terminated by YouTube, conservative radio host John Fredericks is evading his ban by uploading videos to an account associated with his Virginia-based network affiliate WJFN Radio

Fredericks is an influential right-wing radio host who runs a network of hyperpartisan conservative news sites disguised as local news outlets. He is also a regular on former Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s podcast, War Room: Pandemic.

On January 15 Fredericks tweeted that he was “permanently banned” from YouTube. Videos associated with his old channel have since become unavailable on the platform.

During his radio broadcast on January 19, Fredericks complained that “10 years of work” were “wiped out, all in one minute.” Fredericks suggested that his account was “cancelled” because he “put up an interview with Steve Bannon,” but the host was not confident in identifying which interview. (Bannon has been banned from YouTube for life.)

Fredericks continued, telling his audience that his team will be “switching our YouTube channel to WJFN radio” and instructed his listeners to go to his Facebook page for more content because “their rules are not as draconian right now.”

John Fredericks announces his YouTube channel has been banned

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Citation From the January 19, 2021, edition of WJFN's The John Fredericks Show

On January 22, Fredericks promoted his new YouTube channel on Twitter, prompting followers to “subscribe to our new Youtube Channel WJFN."

During his February 10 show, Fredericks acknowledged that he is evading YouTube’s ban, admitting “we know we are going to get banned again” and “as soon as they get onto us, they’ll ban us again.”  During the same segment, Fredericks touted conservative social media websites Rumble and CloutHub as alternatives where he may post content.

John Fredericks acknowledges that he's evading YouTube's ban

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Citation From the February 10, 2021, edition of WJFN's The John Fredericks Show

On YouTube, WJFN has continued to post Frederick’s radio show in defiance of the platform’s ban.