“See the Passion.com” founder was Scarborough's guest 14 times in 9 weeks

On the April 26th, 2004 episode of MSNBC's Scarborough Country, host Joe Scarborough discussed what he called the New York Times' “bashing” of Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ with Jennifer Giroux, founder and director of See the Passion.com. In a teaser for the Passion segment, Scarborough said, “Mel Gibson has taken a lot of grief from 'The New York Times' ... over his blockbuster hit 'The Passion.' How many times can one paper get it wrong about a movie? We'll separate fact from 'New York Times' fiction.”

In a teaser later on in the show, Scarborough said, "[I]t seems 'The New York Times' has it out for Mel Gibson and 'The Passion' and they're not afraid to use their newsprint to prove it. Blatant bias at the paper of record?"

During the segment on The Passion, Giroux said, "[New York Times columnist] Frank Rich just was the most highly offensive, insulting journalist, who actually talked in terms I can't even say on national TV about 'The Passion,' insulting the faith of millions of Christians, personally going after Mel Gibson."

This was Giroux's fourteenth appearance on Scarborough Country in nine weeks. See the Passion.com is the first project of Women Influencing the Nation (WIN). As the founder of WIN, Giroux leads a group of women against “the so-called 'feminist' oriented social engineers [who] have been busy re-writing the history books and assaulting the truth at every possible chance through the major media.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, Giroux is “a former Republican who followed Mr. [Pat] Buchanan to the Reform Party.” The Cincinnati Post reported that Giroux hosted a fundraiser and book-signing for Buchanan for his 1999 book A Republic, Not an Empire -- a book that, as The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “reignited allegations that [Buchanan] is anti-Semitic.” A Republic, Not an Empire was published by the conservative press Regnery Publishing. The following year, Giroux spoke at the 2000 Reform Party Convention in Long Beach, CA.