Radio Host Steve Deace: Joe Scarborough “Turned His Show Into A Trump Super PAC For Six Months" 

From the October 11 edition of MSNBC Live

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TAMRON HALL (HOST): And Steve, just quickly this morning, Joe Scarborough believes that there is still a chance for Donald Trump, potentially, to pull this out. That you have, so many people still looking for the next WikiLeaks. Whether the supporters believe that these are doctored emails or not that this could still hover over Hillary Clinton. You laugh. In your mind, this is done. 

STEVE DEACE: I just kind of laughed at the mention of Joe Scarborough since he turned his show into a Trump Super PAC for six months and is one of the reasons we're in this position. No he doesn't have a chance and my counterpart here on the panel is correct. What is going on now is he's had access to the Republican Party voter vault, Tamron, for 6 months, he’s got every right of center consumer in America's, he's got all their information. This is about starting the next “alt-right” platform in an attempt to essentially disintegrate Fox News, now that he's got Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon on board. That's what is coming next. This is not a strategy for victory, this is a strategy for marketing. 


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