Joe Rogan: “Imagine” getting “into bed” with White House press secretary Jen Psaki

Rogan says Psaki “looks shrew” and attacks on Sarah Huckabee Sanders' appearance were “not bad at all”

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Citation From the March 31, 2022, edition of Spotify's The Joe Rogan Experience

YANNIS PAPPAS (COMEDIAN): They did the same thing to Huckabee Sanders they just ripped her apart

ROGAN (HOST): What did they do?

PAPPAS: Talking about her looks

ROGAN: Yeah well that was, uh, I mean, did they really? I mean, Michelle Wolf had a funny, hilarious bit about her when she was doing the White House Correspondents' speech. Remember, she did standup and Trump was mocking her and — all she said it's something about her fucking smoky, uh, makeup — she was just making fun of her makeup.

PAPPAS: Yeah, it wasn't even that ben

ROGAN: It was not bad at all

PAPPAS: People did attack her looks from the Left, yeah. Part of it was because they had eyes.

JOE ROGAN (HOST): Yeah, Jen Psaki — she looks shrew, she looks like someone who is a teacher and who you're like "oh, not this lady." Like if you get a sub — a substitute teacher —  "it's Ms. Psaki, oh great." Imagine that gig


ROGAN: Being a fucking White House press secretary you just have to lie.

YANNIS PAPPAS: Jen Psaki looks like the chick from the Big Lebowski. Mr. Lebowski, with the red hair cut. That was Julianne Moore in Big Lebowski.

ROGAN: No, Julianne Moore is way hotter.

PAPPAS: I know but the haircut and the red hair

ROGAN: I don't know, Julianne Moore was hot. That's not— 

PAPPAS: You wouldn't throw one at, you know,

ROGAN: At Psaki?

PAPPAS: She's a Greek girl, too!

ROGAN: Imagine the conversations you'd have to have before you got into bed with her. Ugh.

PAPPAS: She'd have great stories, she makes them up

ROGAN: You would have an argument with her, and she wouldn't even try to be accurate. She would just try to dance around the truth — we'll circle back to that, but what I'm trying to say, and what the President means...