On Spotify, Joe Rogan and his guests mock Jewish people, assert they are “scheming” and “plotting the next big win”

Joe Rogan: “That's the best Jewish voice ever”

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Citation From the January 14, 2022, edition of Spotify's The Joe Rogan Experience

ARI SHAFFIR (COMEDIAN): I'm technically a Jew. Tom's a fuckin Mexican.

MARK NORMAND (COMEDIAN): Oh right, good point. Not according to them. They don't claim you.

SHANE GILLIS (COMEDIAN): They don't like you after you abandoned them.

SHAFFIR: I did take off. I do not talk much to my old friends. It has put a strain on our relationships.

NORMAND: What do they do?

JOE ROGAN (HOST): Is it an issue?

SHAFFIR: Eating at one of very few places to eat.


GILLIS: What are they up to?

NORMAND: Scheming, plotting.

GILLIS: Scheming, plotting.

SHAFFIR: Plotting the next big win.

ROGAN: Don't be hating that they're making that money. This is what no one can say about Jews. Here's the big thing about Jews. How many fucking people that are Jewish have won the Nobel Prize? I mean it's astonishing.

SHAFFIR: Massive amount, percentage wise.

NORMAND: Hitler won that also --

ROGAN: If you're looking -- if you're looking at like a characteristic, of like --

GILLIS: Who's giving out the new prize dude? Who's voting for the new -- that's what you never forget.

NORMAND: Good point.

SHAFFIR: There's no Jews left in Norway.

GILLIS: It's just Jews voting. They're like, you know who's the best? Us, again. Wow.

ROGAN: That's the best Jewish voice ever.

GILLIS: Oh my god, it's us again, wow.


GILLIS: And the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize for best guy goes to us, again.

SHAFFIR: We have one of those massive amounts -- that's fucking dead on though. That's going to be an issue.