Joe Rogan fearmongers that vaccine passports will lead to a “social credit system similar to what they have in China”

Rogan: “It 100 percent can happen in our lifetime”

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Citation From the September 23, 2021, edition of Spotify's The Joe Rogan Experience 

JOE ROGAN (HOST): But here's the problem with it, the vaccine passport. It doesn't end there. It's going to keep going, and it's going to lead to some sort of a social system. You're going to have a social credit system similar to what they have in China.

PATRICK BET-DAVID (ENTREPRENEUR): You think it'll happen in our lifetime?

ROGAN: 100 percent.

BET-DAVID: You're saying 100 percent?

ROGAN: 100 percent, it can happen in our lifetime.

BET-DAVID: Are you okay with that?

ROGAN: No. It 100 percent can happen in our lifetime. Because people will step with it. They will -- as long as it benefits them, and as long as it aligns with their ideology, they will ignore the dangers of a social credit system, and they will embrace it. If -- I would never thought people would be, look six months ago the White House was saying there's no way we would ever use some sort of a vaccine mandate. There's no way.

BET-DAVID: Kamala said I would never take the vaccine that Trump's going to --

ROGAN: So did Biden.

BET-DAVID: Both of them said that. Yeah.

ROGAN: Yeah, they both did. But then once they got into office six months ago, they said we would never use a mandate. We would never try to force businesses or people to be vaccinated. Now they are saying that. Now they want you to do that.