Joe Rogan and his guest lament they can't use anti-trans slur after saying it

Spotify employees have put pressure on the platform to address Rogan's regular transphobia

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Citation From the October 1, 2020, edition of The Joe Rogan Experience

JOE ROGAN (HOST): Well [Spotify] knew that you talk shit on t------s.

TIM DILLON (COMEDIAN): They do. They said he’s -- only, I like the Republican ones. I love Caitlyn Jenner. I love, if you are a transgender person and you are against gay marriage, I'm already a fan.

ROGAN: I think I fucked up by saying t-----. You can't even say that anymore. 

DILLON: You can’t say it.

ROGAN: Woops, sorry.

DILLON: Even though t------s call each other t------s.

ROGAN: They do.

DILLON: And gay people call gay people f-----s. But you can't say that.

ROGAN: Don't say it. 

DILLON: Don’t say it.

ROGAN: You can say it because you're gay.