Rush Limbaugh questions whether Biden's “flawless” speech was live, or “a series of edited-together segments made to look live”

Limbaugh: “This is the prevailing theory”

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Citation From the August 21, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): And I have to tell you, let me just review, there are a lot of people — I have come to find out — who want to know if Plugs’ [Biden’s] speech was delivered live, or was it prerecorded? Now, the assumption I think that everybody had going in, was that he was live … Because we didn’t hear anything else, well, it was live. The time came for the speech to happen, the lights went down or came up, whichever, and here comes [Biden] and starts the speech.

Some people are of the opinion that it had to be taped — and that it had to be taped in segments, and the segments had to be edited together — because [Biden] is not capable of 22 minutes, even reading a prompter, with no screw-ups. This is the prevailing theory.

I have heard from some professional video people, who say that they have studied it. They’re trying to find out if it was taped or live, based on the premise that there isn't any evidence that Joe Biden has the ability to go 22 minutes, even on a prompter, without making a mistake, without some kind of a flub.

And there weren't — there was one mistake. And it was a tiny little, nearly — grammatical mistake, near the end of the speech. And it's not something that you would even worry about if you're [Biden]'s team, to go back and fix, because it's one of those things that went by so fast that you'd think that most people wouldn't notice it. And if any critics did notice it and wrote about, which some did, that it's not enough to stir up anything, anyway. And it isn't. I mean, I can't even tell you off the top of my head, I'd have to have it in front of me, the nature of the mistake.

I'm just telling you that there are a lot of people who believe that Joe Biden is not even capable of doing what he did last night. And some have said to me, “Look, Rush, this isn't complicated. If Biden was able to read that speech with all of that emotion, and all that empathy, if he was able to do that for 22 minutes, then why not go outside and do it on a stage in front of all the people in the cars?”

Which, you have to admit, is a legitimate question.

But because he did it from inside the building, there are some people asking a legitimate question — was that thing really live, or was it a series of edited-together segments, made to look live, on the premise that Biden isn't capable of 22 minutes — however long it was — of flawless reading, with proper emotion and all that, of what's on a teleprompter, without making a single mistake? It'd be hard for him to do.