Today In Stupid: Obama “Photoshopped” Into Famous Bin Laden/Situation Room Picture

This morning, bafflingly influential conservative blogger Jim Hoft posted a story headlined, “Swedish Paper: Obama Photoshopped into Famous Situation Room Photo.”

Well that certainly sounds plausible.

In the post, Hoft sources a comment thread on Free Republic -- always a good sign you're on solid factual footing -- for a video from Swedish tabloid Afton Bladet about how Obama was “photoshopped into” the famous situation room photo taken during the Osama bin Laden raid. According to Hoft, Afton Bladet “insists that the president was just way too small in the picture. It must be a fake.”

It's not entirely clear what the Afton Bladet video segment is about (my Swedish is limited to Google Translate), but they appear to be talking about the internet meme of Photoshopping various humorous things into that famous shot.

At the top of his post, Hoft embeds a picture from the Afton Bladet site with the caption translated, asking the reader, “Do you see what is wrong with this picture?”

I think I can answer that question: Sad Keanu was not actually present for the Bin Laden mission.

It's not even worth parsing the idiocy of an argument like this, but the idea that Obama is “just way too small” in the picture is easily explained by the perspective of the photograph (and the fact that Obama is leaning over).

On the other hand, evidence that the image was photoshopped may have been right in front of our faces all along. Enhance!

Obama is not nearly that blurry in real life.