Surprise! RW Blogger Jim Hoft doesn't read so good. Or, the return of Gladney Mania?

Like, Hoft can't even read the stuff he links to on his own site, Gateway Pundit. It's quite remarkable, really.

Helping to rekindle the right-wing's beloved, albeit comically lame, Gladney Mania (there's a hugely important trial coming up!), Hoft recently posted an ALL-CAPS headline:

CAUGHT ON TAPE—- Racist NAACP Leader Says “Kenneth Gladney Not Black Enough” to Protect – He's an “Uncle Tom” (Video)

If you've been following Gladney Mania since last August, you know the drill: Victim = political martyr. SEIU = thugs.Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But here's the funny part:

Ironically, Gladney reached out to the NAACP after the assault, but was mocked by their local president for not filing a claim.

Note that Hoft even provided a link so readers could learn all about how Gladney had “reached out to the NAACP.

Except that, of course, he did not.

Here's the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article that Hoft himself referenced to prove his point about Gladney reaching out to the NAACP [emphasis added]:

A conservative African-American social networking group set out Monday morning to criticize the city's NAACP chapter for not supporting a black man who said he was beaten outside a forum on aging earlier this month.

But the effort was cut short when the head of the civil rights group showed up at the news conference and said that no one had asked the NAACP to investigate the claims.

Insert punchline here.

Oh, and BTW, here's what Gladney's attorney had to say in real time last year about the NAACP:

Gladney is not connected to Gladney's attorney, David Brown, said Gladney does not have a problem with the way the NAACP has handled the situation.

UPDATED: Note that in Hoft's headline, the phrase that appears in quotes is “Kenneth Gladney Not Black Enough.” Hoft assigns that quote to an “NAACP Leader.”

Now, the logical conclusion, based on the way simple journalism works, is that if phrase appears in quotes about somebody being CAUGHT ON TAPE, the assumption is that person, an NAACP leader, actually uttered the phrase that appears in quotes, right?

Ah, but we're talking about Jim Hoft, people. And normal, common sense guidelines do not apply, which is why, as the site St. Louis Activist Hub, points out, nobody on the tape Hoft is hyping ever said what Hoft quoted them as saying in his headline. And certainly no “NAACP leader” is seen saying that. Hoft simply concocted the phrase “Kenneth Gladney Not Black Enough” and then put it in quotes and pretended an “NAACP leader” said that on tape.

But yes, by all means we should all take Gladney Mania very, very seriously.