Scandal: Michelle Obama Follows Olympic Tradition

In what most sane people would consider non-controversial news, the White House announced today that first lady Michelle Obama will be leading the U.S. delegation at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Conservative bloggers, whose coverage of the first lady never strays from the simple equation “Michelle Obama + anything = bad,” have already gotten to work on embarrassing themselves over the story.

At his Gateway Pundit blog, Jim Hoft complains that the Obamas are “hijacking the Olympics.” At Weasel Zippers, “ZIP” mocks Michelle Obama as the “Underexposed First Lady” and presents this latest news as evidence of her supposed narcissism, declaring, “All Mooch, all the time.”

Their attacks might (barely) rise to the level of “vaguely coherent” if it were unprecedented for the first lady to lead the U.S. delegation at the Olympics, but, as the AP notes, it's “become somewhat of a tradition for first ladies to lead the U.S. delegation.” Laura Bush led the U.S. delegation at the 2004 Olympics and Hillary Clinton led the U.S. delegation at the 1994 games.

Had Michelle Obama not led the delegation, it would not be hard to imagine these same bloggers attacking her for breaking an honored patriotic tradition because of Alinsky tactics and socialism and Bill Ayers.

In his post about this, Hoft writes of the Obamas, “They're everywhere.” I swear, sometimes it's like they think they're the president and first lady of the United States.