Right-Wing Bloggers Concoct More Lies About An Obama “Vacation”

What you're supposed to believe today if you read the far-right blogosphere: President Obama is taking his family to Williamsburg VA., this weekend even if there is a complete government shut down!

What part of that is actually true: Zero.

And what's always astonishing about Obama Derangement Syndrome bloggers is that today, as in many cases in the past, they link to articles that actually debunk their own Obama-hating claims.

Here's the local news story from Williamsburg's Daily Press that ignited the manufactured Obama's-going-on-vacation-while-government-shuts-down nonsense. (Please note the emphases, which are added]:

The leader of the free world may be coming to Williamsburg for some rest and relaxation if Congress is able to come to agreement on the budget. President Obama and the First Family are planning to visit the area this weekend in what the White House described Wednesday as a “long-planned family trip to Colonial Williamsburg.”

But the trip might get grounded if a government shutdown can't be averted by Republicans and Democrats in Congress.


The White House cautioned that the Obamas' plans would be altered if negotiations on the federal budget stall. According to news reports, the White House was planning to hold talks again Wednesday evening.

The Daily Press stressed three different times in its report that the Obama's weekend trip to Williamsburg would likely not happen if the government is shut down. So what did right-wing bloggers do with that information? They posted hysterical items about how Obama's going on “vacation” even as the threat of government shutdown looms.