Right on cue, RW blogger Jim Hoft fails in spectacular fashion

What would the failed, right-wing Shirley Sherrod controversy be without Hoft falling out of the clown car?

Here's his contribution to the mess:

Breaking: NAACP President Was In Attendance at Sherrod Speech (Video)

Hoft claims that the president of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, was actually at the NAACP event in Georgia earlier this year when Sherrod spoke, which seems weird because Jealous has appeared on TV in the last 24 hours saying that when Breitbart's bogus controversy broke, Jealous and other national NAACP officials were scrambling to get information about Sherrod's address and whether her comments were really as bad as Breitbart's tape made them out to be.

But now Hoft claims Jealous was actually sitting in the audience when Sherrod spoke? It's true. Hoft's proof? Here it is [emphasis original]:

If you listen to the Sherrod's speech at Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner in Georgia in March you'll here her thank her guests and…“The President who is with us tonight.”

Oh brother.

For the record, NAACP Ben Jealous was not in attendance when Sherrod spoke in Georgia. (I've confirmed that fact via actual reporting; Hoft should try it sometime.) Hoft simply made that part up. But it's possible that a local or state NAACP chapter “president” was present.

Thanks for the laugh, Jim.