A question for Jim Hoft

For today's evidence that Jim Hoft is either too lazy to read the things he excerpts to make his almost always wrong observations, or simply too oblivious to notice when he debunks himself, I direct your attention to his supposed “Fact Check” of the AP's claim that there is already a mosque five blocks from Ground Zero. It is truly a staggering display of incompetence.

Hoft takes issue with the AP saying that the Manhattan Mosque “stands five blocks from the northeast corner of the World Trade Center.” He responds by writing, “that Masij mosque was evicted years ago according to their website.” He then excerpts the following statement from their site:

If you stop reading after the first sentence, then Hoft seems to have really caught the AP in a falsehood here. However, he helpfully included the rest of the statement, which entirely demolishes his point.

Notably, the second sentence indicates that they “did not have to close the Masjid” and found a location “just two doors down” from the original. Even if Hoft hadn't bothered to read his own excerpt, had he followed his link to the Masjid Manhattan website, he would have found a ton of evidence that the mosque is not closed, including daily prayer and class schedules. The address included for the mosque at their website indicates that it is, as the AP correctly stated, five blocks from Ground Zero.

For most people, this would be the most embarrassing error of their professional career. For Jim Hoft, it's just another Thursday.

To top it all off, Hoft ends his post with this embarrassing question:

Honestly, is there anything this leftwing media will not do to prop up this radical president and Congress?

I've got a question, too: Is there any error big enough for Hoft to issue a correction, or does he not care about giving his readers accurate information?