Jim Hoft's stupidity can bend space and time

Earlier today, Media Matters' Julie Millican wrote that “Jim Hoft must be in a competition with himself for the title of Dumbest Man on the Internet.”

He has once again bested himself in this competition.

Proving yet again that he'll reprint anything that he thinks helps his espoused causes without doing even rudimentary fact-checking, this afternoon Hoft ran an article headlined “HEAVY WEAPONS Discovered in Cargo of Mavi Marmara,” a ship that was part of a Palestinian aid flotilla raided by Israeli commandos en route to the Gaza strip. Hoft started the post with the line “What a complete shock,” and stated as fact that the video he linked to “shows the heavy weapons discovered in the Mavi Marmara Gaza Flotilla ship.”

Ready for the punchline?

The video in question was recorded more than a year ago, which is clearly evident in both the title slide of the video and the upload date (5/11/09) at the site Hoft links to. It took me all of two minutes to gather this information.

And what sort of fact-checking did Jim Hoft engage in before running with this clearly false story? Judging by the update he has since posted, his journalistic exploits began and ended when he opened his inbox:

This email that is making the rounds today is a HOAX

Nice work, Jim. Glad to know you're just as credible as the stuff that usually gets caught by my spam filter.

Of course, this would all be a lot funnier if Hoft was widely regarded among conservatives as the buffoon he is. Unfortunately, outlets like Fox News read from his website on-air.