For Jim Hoft, trying to stop human trafficking = “America-hating”

The consistently unhinged and perpetually wrong Jim Hoft is back again, this time weighing in on a recent State Department report about human trafficking. How can Hoft turn this into an attack on Secretary of State Clinton and Democrats, you ask? Just watch.

First, some back story. For the past ten years, the State Department has released a study detailing human trafficking and the modern slave trade. For the first time ever, the report included the United States. As Chris Moody reported at The Daily Caller (not exactly a bastion of liberal thought), the move drew “praise from international human rights groups,” because the U.S. had received criticism in the past for detailing human trafficking in other countries while exempting the United States from the report.

As Moody also noted, the report estimated that in the United States “up to 17,500 people are trafficked each year.” This is, of course, a disturbingly high number, and one that the U.S. is working to reduce.

Secretary Clinton remarked upon the release of the report:

The 10th annual Trafficking in Persons Report outlines the continuing challenges across the globe, including in the United States. The Report, for the first time, includes a ranking of the United States based on the same standards to which we hold other countries. The United States takes its first-ever ranking not as a reprieve but as a responsibility to strengthen global efforts against modern slavery, including those within America. This human rights abuse is universal, and no one should claim immunity from its reach or from the responsibility to confront it.

To rational people, this would seem pretty non-controversial, even laudable. Then there's Jim Hoft, whose take was about as far from rational as one can get. According to Hoft, the real story behind Secretary Clinton's and the State Department's efforts to highlight and put an end to this atrocity is that it's just another sign that Democrats hate America. Seriously.

Will their America-hating ever stop?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton included the US in the list of nations that traffic in human slavery. This is the first time that the US has been included on the list.

So, Jim Hoft sees a report about the U.S. trying to raise awareness about human trafficking in our country and around the world, and his first reaction is to get mad at the people trying to do something to stop it.

He wasn't done, however. While the actual slavery didn't seem to bother him much, he did find time to shoehorn in a recent conservative talking point about Democrats “enslaving” future generations with debt:

And, soon our children and grandchildren will be slaves to their massive debt.