Jesse Watters defends Trump's comparison of impeachment to lynching: “They're doing this like a mob action in the middle of the night”

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Citation From the October 22 edition of Fox News' The Five: 

JESSE WATTERS: I don't know. I know it's a racially charged word. It's very painful to a lot of people in this country. It's not a word that I would have used. But, it's just too loaded. But I know what he's saying. Everybody gets the analogy about impeachment, that they're doing this like a mob action in the middle of the night without due process rights. Everyone's reported it. The Democrats have admitted it. The witnesses can't be seen by Republicans. You can't see evidence. You can't even see transcripts. It's all been done in the dark. That's what he was trying to say. 

And it just bothers me that -- yesterday on the show we talk about a Democrat comparing Trump to the Nazis. Calling him Hitler. Democrats all last year said we're running concentration camps at the border. I think Kamala Harris said Jussie Smollett was the victim of a modern day lynching. Hillary Clinton said the Trump rallies remind her of lynchings. Cuomo, just said last week on a radio show, the n-word. Not to mention Bill Maher said the n-word last year. And I do believe it was Barack Obama who just endorsed someone in blackface in Canada. But the point is for Democrats to get on their high horse today and lecture other people about racially-charged rhetoric or historically insensitive language is so preposterous. And they need to look themselves in the mirror and just ask themselves am I total hypocrite? Because I don't care when my side uses this language or when I myself use this language. I only try to weaponize this language to hurt the opposing party. And that's all that's going on here.