Fox's Jesse Watters says police were justified in killing Rayshard Brooks by shooting him in the back as he ran away

Watters completely makes up scenario where Brooks turns around, charges the police, steals their gun, and shoots the cops

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Citation From the June 15, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST):  I just don't think it's acceptable to allow highly intoxicated people to assault police officers, resist arrest, steal tasers, shoot tasers at officers and say okay, I'm just going to let them run back at large to their sister's house. That's just not policing. 

If you look at the situation, if you punch a police officer, resist, steal their taser, and then as you're fleeing, and have already been hit with a taser to no effect. And as you're fleeing and you're turning and firing the taser at the police officer, who's told you to stop who has been nothing but polite. And you shoot the taser at the officer, it happened to miss and that taser hits the officer, incapacitates the officer, the subject just grabs the guy's firearm, shoots him, shoots the other officer. And then you have an armed man at large with a deadly weapon. That-- this story could have gone that way. And the news would have covered that a lot differently if you think about it. Maybe they wouldn't have covered it much at all if that had happened. But it didn't happen that way. Under Georgia law, and under the playbook, the police department of Georgia, this was justifiable.