Fox's Jesse Watters says a Black Supreme Court nominee would be “the result of a back room racial deal”

Watters: “That's the truth”

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Citation From the January 31, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): You don't just say who you're going to nominate before you do it, you build suspense. You build drama. You say it's all out on the table — who knows who I might nominate? Could be anybody. And then when you do nominate a Black woman, say you wanted to nominate her the whole time, then you throw it down and everybody goes, "Woah! Black woman! Supreme Court! This is huge!" And then the media goes crazy because the glass ceiling and they love it and everyone is like, "Wow."

But then, now it looks like he got cornered by Clyburn to get the primary vote. I mean, whoever gets nominated is going to be — it's the result of a back room racial deal that was cut so a white Democrat could win the nomination, that's the truth.

I mean, and you're — you're over seasoning the identity politics of this, right? It shouldn't be what it's about. I mean, the meat of this is her jurisprudence, is her intellect, is her judicial philosophy, and all the focus now, because of the press is so into the identity politics, it's just on her skin color and I think that takes away from her, whoever that person may be.