Fox's Jesse Watters: Republicans should confirm a justice as soon as possible because Democrats are “bloodthirsty political killers”

Watters: “Republicans need a full court to ensure radical lawyers don't steal the election”

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Citation From the September 19. 2020, edition of Fox News' Watters World

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): If the election is razor thin and the Democrats sue, which they probably will, the case would go to the Supreme Court with an empty seat on it. John Roberts can't be trusted. So it's only 4-4. Republicans need a full court to ensure radical lawyers don't steal the election -- so they need to confirm the nominee sooner rather than later. This is McConnell's bread and butter. He was a master with Kavanaugh and impeachment. We'll see if he can bring it home one more time.

Mitch, don't overthink this. Push hard for a vote before the election, whip the vote, and pull the trigger. If you don't have the votes, you don't have the votes. But don't drag it out as a strategy. That's even riskier. The only way that works is if Trump wins and Republicans keep the Senate. If that happens fantastic. But, all other scenarios won't work. Republicans losing the Senate or Biden winning -- oh god -- puts McConnell on shaky ground. Good luck counting on soft lame-duck senators to vote yes, or convincing squishy RINOs that a president-elect Biden isn't entitled to his nominee. No shot.

And to Republican senators: Why give an inch to Democrats? They never give it to you. This isn't a friendly game of golf. This is raw politics with our future at stake. The left keeps lecturing you about fairness, precedent, waiting for an election. This after they spied on the Trump campaign, sabotaged his transition, divided the country with sinister investigations and impeached the president during an election year. The Democrats have no credibility here. Remember what they did to Kavanaugh? And they have already been rioting all summer. We are dealing with bloodthirsty political killers on the left. Buck up and do your jobs, Republicans. If you don't, voters are never going to forget.