Fox's Jesse Watters claims “Joe Biden's running a human smuggling operation”

Watters: “And boom, another caravan. Just another batch of Democrat voters”

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Citation From the January 28, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime 

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): These migrants can vote in New York City elections. They want citizens from other countries voting in American elections. 800,000 new voters here. They also had the census for Democrats. In fact, they can go to college on my dime. So, we rack up college debt, but Biden traffics "Dreamers" who get tuition breaks? Not only that, a migrant can hold up a liquor store in Manhattan with a handgun and he's only charged with a misdemeanor. And he can't get deported because we're in a sanctuary city. 

Joe Biden's running a human smuggling operation. The cartels hand them to Biden at the border, and then Biden puts them in buses and planes, and then just sprinkles them all over the country. It's happening right in front of our own eyes. Illegals come in and help big business keep wages down — just what the donors want. Guess they got what they paid for. Migrants take cash so you can dodge taxes too. And then they wire the money back south so other families can pay cartel coyotes and boom, another caravan. Just another batch of Democrat voters. Isn't this foreign interference in our elections? 

Biden's soft on China and the cartels while his family make money there, but Americans get hurt. But donors make a profit. Maybe this is why the Democrats don't care about border security. Or maybe, this is just one big conspiracy theory.