Fox's Jesse Watters calls for the firing of the FBI director over Mar-a-Lago raid

Fox's Jason Chaffetz reacts to raid of Mar-a-Lago: “Donald Trump has been the most open and transparent president I have ever been around”

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Citation From the August 8, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime 

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Let's bring in Jason Chaffetz, a former Utah congressman, and Fox News contributor. Jason, what do you think happened tonight? Do we have him?

JASON CHAFFETZ (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah. There is absolutely no justification, Jesse. Absolutely no justification. I dealt with this. I was the chairman of the Oversight Committee. I did issue subpoenas on Hillary Clinton, who at the time she had no security clearance, none. And there were thousands of documents in her safe at her attorney. They had no security clearance. And you know what? Nobody was prosecuted. Nobody was raided. Nobody went in there in the dead of night. None of the media was given this. That media by and large didn't even report it. The president of the United States, a former president, United States has a security clearance. He also has a skiff. They have secure facilities that they created there at Mar-a-Lago. The president has executive privilege. So he has a classified clearance. He does have a skiff. He is allowed to possess these types of documents. And if you disagree, then you've got to go to court. You've got to have a way, not be a banana republic like this action is go to court, make your case, allow the president to defend himself in this case. But that's not what's happening here. I want to see these I want to see Merrick Garland up there. And I wanted to understand exactly how in the world they can justify going in and breaking into a safe of a former president of the United States. They have no business doing that, none whatsoever.

WATTERS: Well, Chris Wray has to be fired by the next Republican president. Got to be fired on day one. Don't even wait. Just fire him right off the jump because this guy is so corrupt. He comes in, cleans up Comey's mess with the Russia collusion hoax, doesn't do anything to anybody, doesn't hold anybody accountable, just lets the whole thing slide. Then he has agents cover up what happened with the laptop, remember? They didn't even want the laptop at first. Then all of a sudden they got interested in the laptop when the Post was about to break the story, they seized the laptop then don't do anything with it before the election. They cover it up. And now we're learning that he comes out and hatches a fake plot against Gretchen Whitmer to make the Trump movement look bad before the election. Meanwhile, his FBI own agents entrapped those guys, a jury concluded, and then he doesn't necessarily fire any of those guys involved in the entrapment. He puts the guy in head of that whole division in charge of the Washington field office. And then yesterday, or was it last week, he goes on to this hearing in the Senate and he says, I got to run. I got to go. I can't answer any more questions. Turns out he takes the FBI jet to his retreat in the Adirondack Mountains. He went on a vacation so he didn't have to answer any more questions. I don't see how this guy has any credibility whatsoever. Jason, he's got to go.

CHAFFETZ: Totally agree with you, Jesse. The other thing is, I tell you what, Donald Trump has been the most open and transparent president I have ever been around. You know, when the Mueller probe came in, what did he do? He allowed Don McGahn, his general counsel, to go talk to him an unlimited amount of time. His son, Donald Trump, Jr., was able to go went up there multiple times and testified they did everything. They gave him the political enema of his life. Donald Trump just sit there and let them do it. And guess what? They came up with zero. They didn't have a single thing on Donald Trump and they tried every trick in the book. But this is a new low, Jesse. This is absolutely unprecedented there. I do not know of any justification that they can possibly do this. And the other question I have is, where is the Secret Service? You know, these are two different – Department of Justice, yes. But Homeland Security, you're there to protect the president. I want to see the security clearances of each one of those FBI agents that dared to go onto those grounds. And if the FBI overstepped their bounds, why isn't the Secret Service doing their job?

WATTERS: Yeah, we're learning that actually it was agents from the FBI's D.C. field office that conducted this raid. That was the field office that is now being overseen by the agent who was in charge in Detroit that cooked up that fake Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. The Miami field office was notified just beforehand.