Fox News welcomes swastika-wielding teacher as the latest anti-trans culture warrior

On June 12, Fox News' Jesse Watters hosted Glendale, California, teacher Ray Shelton, who was placed on leave following a school board meeting where he held up a swastika sign and then went on an anti-trans, hate-filled tirade, saying, “Transgender ideology … is antihuman.”

In the segment, Watters painted Shelton as the anti-trans culture war hero du jour, claiming he had been fired for “saying what 70% of the country believes and what 100% of science believes” about trans people. 

The interview continued with Watters, Shelton, and his attorney, David Pivtorak depicting Shelton as a victim of censorship and the support of trans students as part of an “authoritarian ideology.” (Pivtorak had previously appeared on Fox News touting his client’s lawsuit against American Express for supposed racism against white employees.)

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Citation From the June 12, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

Watters and his guests conveniently forgot to mention that Shelton had brought a swastika sign to a school board meeting.

The omission conveys Watters’ priorities clearly: prop up the latest anti-trans culture warrior, nevermind that he displayed a hate symbol at a public school district event to compare students to Nazis. Watters may not have had the nerve to explicitly defend displays of swastikas (though we know his fellow Fox News co-host doesn’t draw this line), but providing Shelton with a national platform tells us he endorses it all the same.