Fox News host says because “whites are a minority in California” there is an on-ramp being created for “illegal aliens” to vote

Jesse Watters: “Hispanics are the majority race in that state. And white Democrat politicians like Gavin Newsom see the writing on the wall”

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Citation From the September 26, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

JESSE: Didn't Democrats say that Blacks were incapable of handling an ID to vote? But, I guess illegal aliens are perfectly capable of having a state-issued ID to use it for welfare. 

What I think is going on here is, right now, whites are a minority in California. Hispanics are the majority race in that state. And white Democrat politicians like Gavin Newsom see the writing on the wall and they'll do anything they can to cling to the political machine.

Now, this looks like an on-ramp to voting, if I was just being suspicious. But, being suspicious has made me very, very successful?