Fox News host compares Joe Biden and immigrant sponsors to Jeffrey Epstein

Jesse Watters: “Who do you think is willing to 'sponsor' an underaged girl from Guatemala? Exactly.”

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Citation From the October 3, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime 

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Primetime exclusively obtained video of a plane full of migrants, mostly teenager girls from Honduras and Guatemala, getting dropped off at the Orange County airport in Montgomery, New York.


Police pulled that bus over in Montgomery, New York, on suspicion of human trafficking. It turns out the bus was carrying about 50 teenagers from Guatemala, Venezuela, migrants, mostly teenage girls. And there were only three adults on the bus. The adults were from Texas. The plane came from Texas, but nobody knows where the buses were going. The police called the Department of Homeland Security, but they had no idea what was going on, which shouldn't surprise you. And then, the police called Health and Human Services, which put out a statement that said the teenage girls were being "taken to sponsors" -- whatever that means. 

And this was the third plane that had come in with underaged migrants, just in a week, to this one airport in the middle of nowhere. No one in history has flown this many teenagers than Joe Biden. Not even Jeffrey Epstein. Is he reuniting all of these kids with their families? No, most of these teenagers are going to sponsors. 

So, who do you think is willing to "sponsor" an underaged girl from Guatemala? Exactly.