Clay Travis: “We’re in a real war. Legal warfare is afoot and it’s time to return fire.”

Travis: “Democrats need to fear what Republican prosecutors will do”

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Citation From the May 31, 2024, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime 

CLAY TRAVIS (GUEST): Sooner or later you have to pick the chair up and smack the bad guy in the face in the wrestling ring. And that's what Republicans need to do. They have sent a new message, which is they are going to try to put their chief political rivals in prison for the rest of their lives. There are red state D.A.'s and red state attorney general's all over this country that should send clarion calls out across this nation and let it be known that there are now new rules and that if you're going to swing a steel chair at us in the wrestling ring, we're going to take it back and we're going to smack you in the face with it harder. Democrats need to fear what Republican prosecutors will do. This can't be 30 or 40 years ago when everybody has a Manhattan in the country club and talks about the Republican Party. We're in a real war. Legal warfare is afoot and it's time to return fire.

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Joe Biden not mentally fit enough to stand trial but maybe some of his comrades could take a steel chair to the head. Figuratively of course.

TRAVIS: Figuratively like Hacksaw Jim Duggan. It could be a 2 x 4, too. Again figuratively, Jesse. It's time to go after them.