Right-wing radio host likens climate change activists to Nazis and communists

Jesse Kelly reacts to speech by NY Gov. Kathy Hochul: “You need to start hearing them as people who intend to starve you and your family to death so you can eat your kids”

Right-wing radio host likens climate change activists to Nazis and communists, claims people will be forced to eat their children

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Citation From the July 11, 2022, edition of Premiere's The Jesse Kelly Show

JESSE KELLY (HOST): Let's talk about a brief piece of really ugly history, and this is going to apply to you. But I thought it was just appropriate to talk about this a little bit. Have you ever heard of the Holodomor? The Holodomor, Holodomor, people say it different ways. You ever heard about that? You know what that is?

You see, when the Soviet Union became communist and then eventually Stalin took over, they began to look at Ukraine, which had so much – I mean, there's so much history there. I'm not going to go into the history of all that. But Stalin decided he was going to scapegoat Ukrainian people as being responsible for many of the Soviet problems. And then, as in now, Ukraine was a breadbasket for the world. They just grow a lot of food there. And so just to stay with me, this is going to apply. And so Stalin decided he was going to starve them to death en masse.

And here's how wild it was. Like the cities, Ukrainian cities in general, they were okay. It wasn't great, but they were okay. Outside of the cities where the actual farms were, you know, you don't farm in the city. That's where all this grain, all this stuff was farmed. They were so committed to starving the people to death, they would put these quotas on the people – and wrap your mind around how sadistic this is. They wouldn't let them eat any of what they grew. In fact, there are stories of, well, I'll just tell you; if you were caught or your child was caught eating because they were starving to death, the Russian authorities would make you bury your own son alive. That's if they didn't just shoot you, right away. Now, what happened after that was a starvation, a mass intentional starvation on a level you can't possibly comprehend. I can't comprehend – I wasn't there. Undoubtedly, someone listening to the sound of my voice has some experience with it. I'm sure I'll get an email about that, but you should know, I just want you to understand this.

Starving people. And here's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about you. I'm talking about me. Your wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son. Starving people turn into monsters. Out of necessity, it's human nature. When you get to the place where you're starving to death, you will do things and your mind will justify you doing these things you never thought possible. You think you've had bad days on this planet? I think I've had bad days on this planet. It was a tough day today. Really, has you and your family ever sat around and drew straws to figure out which child you're going to eat? That happened. That's what happens with starving people. That's reality. That's not some horror movie. That's reality. I want you to listen to this and what you're going to hear is going to sound, "oh, just Democrats" or "oh, that's liberals" or "well, that's just some campaign talking points." That's what you get to say. If I'd played it without any context, that that's what you would say. But what you do need to hear here, which I put that differently, what you need to hear here is a plan for mass murder. Understand what you're listening here. What you're listening to is the plan for mass starvation. That's just a part of what this is.


KELLY: That is 70% renewables by 2030. Those sound like good Democrat campaign talking points, right? Well, I need you to hear me here, and I need you to hear me well.

It actually doesn't matter whether or not you believe in manmade climate change. I obviously don't. Maybe you do. That's not the point. It doesn't matter what you believe, left, right, Democrat, Republican, it doesn't matter. If your politicians in charge of you. That was, of course, obviously New York Governor Kathy Hochul. If your politicians in charge of you are saying to you that they intend to get rid of oil, get rid of gas, go green, wind and solar, purely renewable.

You need to start hearing them as people who intend to starve you and your family to death so you can eat your kids. In case you think that's hyperbole, please look at Sri Lanka right now. Normal, peaceful, formerly extremely prosperous people. Sri Lanka has been a beacon, an economic beacon for some time. They're pooping in the prime minister's pool before they burn down his home. That happened over the weekend.

Normal people will turn into monsters. Millions of people will die. Climate change, activism, wherever it takes place, whether it's the office of the presidency, a senator, a governor, some hippie chick on the corner, the H.R. manager – wherever climate change activism is found, it should be treated as if it is a national security threat with the ability, frankly, the intention, to kill a billion people. Billion with a B as in boy.

Speaking of the Joe Biden White House. Quick, Chris, we can make jokes. It's fine.

A billion people. That's the plan. At least a billion. It is a plan to mass murder humanity on a level Nazis, communists – well, they are communists doing it, but on a level Nazis could never dream of, on a level Genghis Khan could never even fathom. You pick the worst massacres of humanity in the history of mankind. They wouldn't come close to doing what these very innocent, very Democrat policies are. This is a national security threat and should be treated as such.


KELLY: You can dismiss this stuff as, "well, it's just the green lobby," "well, it's just Democrats."

You're seeing what's happening right now as a society descends into animalism. I don't have a better way to put it. That's what starving people do, and that's what this climate change stuff will do and is doing. There's no more will. All right. I'm going to talk a little bit more about where we're going with all this stuff. I'm going to kind of say, I told you so. I'm not quite there yet. And much, much more. Just understand, these people are evil who do these things. The people doing these things to us are evil. We have got to be ready. We have to be strong.