Right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly: “We are going to have to impeach every Democrat president when we have the House”

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Citation From the September 12, 2023, edition of The First TV's I'm Right with Jesse Kelly 

JESSE KELLY (HOST): As we move forward as a late stage republic, we are going to have to impeach every Democrat president when we have the House. When we have the House. Why? Because they're going to impeach every single Republican president when they have the House, don't be naive. There will be no exceptions. The last two, it wasn’t about Trump or anything else. It's how this country will operate moving forward. Democrats will impeach every Republican president. Republicans must therefore impeach every single Democrat president. Contrary to what nursery rhyme conservatism has told you your whole life, you actually don't get any special brownie points by not impeaching their guy, or by doing things the right way. That is not how the public operates at all. They don't reward you for that.

We must impeach Joe Biden, but I'm also not happy about it either for a variety of reasons. I'm not happy this is where we are as a country, that this is how we have to operate. I don't think that's a good thing. That's a bad thing, isn't it? I think we can all agree that's a bad thing. Another reason I don't jump for joy is he's not going to be removed from office. They have the Senate, all the committed communists in the Senate will shoot this down.

And even if he was removed from office, even if we did have the Senate, we remove Joe Biden, then it turns into president dome. So, it's fine. I don't think it changes the world. I think as far as the issues go, you know, you have this long issue list of things you care about, things you prioritize – everyone's list looks different, by the way – I would argue that the impeachment of Joe Biden needs to be on there, but not in the top ten. It's on there somewhere.