Right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly says he doesn't care who is Speaker of the House

Jesse Kelly says he does not care who becomes Speaker of the House

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Citation From the January 3, 2022, edition of iHeartRadio's The Jesse Kelly Show

JESSE KELLY (HOST): Now maybe you've been paying attention to this today. I bet you money – I bet you money that every single radio show you've listened to today has talked about this. I bet you every TV show you've watched today has talked about this. They focused on it – it's been the whole focal point of the show. They've probably gone one way or the other. "Oh, just to call it quits and elect McCarthy. He's the best we can get." Or they've gone the other way. "Screw McCarthy. Let's go ahead and rebel."

So let me give you my take on it: I don't care.

Well, why would I care?

Now let me explain something. We just had fifteen GOP senators vote with the Democratic Party to take away your gun rights. We just had – like 5 minutes ago – we just had eighteen Republican senators vote for a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill with more LGBTQ filth in it than you can imagine; no border protection; funded the IRS; increased funding to the DOJ and FBI.

Okay, so that's just recently. Well, let's set all that aside. Let's go all the way back to the very beginning. Let's go back to 2016, when we were all high as giraffe – can't say that on the air – when we were all really high. Trump just got elected. We're feeling good. GOP House. GOP Senate. We got Trump as the president. MAGA baby!

Do you have any idea how many Republicans were voting for trillion or close to trillion-dollar bills for four straight years? And no, it wasn't just when Democrats took the Senate. Four straight years of huge, swampy spending bills with pork for him and pork for her and pork for them. And who got nothing out of the whole thing? You! You didn't get a daggone thing.

So do I want Democrats to get the speakership? No, of course not. But you tell me, I'm all ears, why should I be emotionally invested in who the Speaker of the House is at all?

You don't get to do me wrong time and time and time and time again and then threaten to leave me. If we're dating, and you're always leaving your trash laying around the house, I caught you making out with my brother –  I don't even have a brother, by the way – I caught you making out with my brother, you emptied out my bank account. Don't come to me the next day and say, boy, if you don't buy me some roses, I'm leaving, and expect me to give a crap.

As a Republican, as a Washington, DC, Republican, don't you dare try to hold Democrats' speakership over my head as something I should fret about. Republicans spend as much money in as many disgusting ways as Democrats do, and that's simply a fact in this country. So, no, I don't care. And you know how great it feels not to care?