Right-wing radio host: Integrating women into the military and police has lowered the standards

Jesse Kelly: If your house is burglarized in the middle of the night, you want “gigantic dude full of twisted steel and sex appeal” to answer your 9-1-1 call

Jesse Kelly segment on women in the military and law enforcement

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Citation From the October 5, 2022, edition of Premiere's The Jesse Kelly Show

JESSE KELLY (HOST): Let's get to some emails.

Dear Mr. Perfect Oracle – oh, I like this one already. Chris – a good friend of mine was an Army Ranger. He told me that even straight women got an easier time in boot camp and physicals. They had to do less pushups, sit-ups, drag lighter bags. Which brings me to: If I'm injured in the field and a five foot three, hundred and thirty-pound soaking wet female can't drag me out of the line of fire, now what? His name's Phil. Well, what is you're going to die.

I've been trying to explain this to people over and over again. We talk about this is actually – I'll share something with you. And I know I've been guilty of using it, but I actually really dislike the term woke. That's a big thing out there. Woke, wokeism, woke. I prefer cultural Marxism. That's really what it is. But the reason I hate woke is not because, you know, I'm trying to swim against the tide. It makes it sound so lighthearted, you know? Not that important. "Oh, it's just kind of a thing. Okay, we got some women in there. It's a thing. All right. They're focusing on hiring more gay people." It just – woke sounds so – it just sounds like something's off.


It doesn't go near far enough. Woke kills things. What's happening right now? Not just in your military, I should note. The same thing is taking place in law enforcement agency after law enforcement agency across the United States of America with this uber focus on hiring women. "We need more women." Really?

I saw a great video of that the other day. a woman, bless her heart, brave as she could be. She had pulled a man over on the side of the road. He disagreed with her take on things, and he got out of the car and proceeded to throw this woman around like a fricking rag doll because he outweighed her by like seventy-five pounds. Finally, a dude, a passerby, had to pull over and go out and wrestle the crook off of the cop.

This has been an infatuation with police agencies, sheriff's departments, the FBI. It's been a fascination in the military for so long. And we have such a nation packed full of spineless, low-t loser men. They won't speak up about it.

"All women are equal. Women can do anything men can do." No, they can't. They're smaller and weaker. They don't have the bone structure, the muscles. They don't even have the lung capacity. "Women can do anything men can do."

Or this is what you'll get. And maybe you've been guilty of this. And if you're guilty of this, you should feel bad and you should learn lessons and do better next time. This is what you'll get a lot too. "Well, I'm okay with women joining as long as they as long as they meet the same standard." Okay. I'm okay with it raining tonight as long as it rains Skittles – only the red ones, please.

What I just said is every bit as ridiculous and naive and stupid as what you just said. The second you say you want them in, the second you said, well, "as long as they don't look good – lower the standards." They're going to lower the standards. Why do you think the standards in the end always get lowered?

If it's an organization like, oh, I don't know, the Marine Corps and it requires physical things, you have to carry a bunch of weight. You do have to do push-ups and pull-ups and do physical things, things that require physical strength. You can't just choose to automatically bring in an entire crop of people who are physically weaker and expect them to achieve the standards. So what will happen? They'll lower the standards, and that's what has been done time and time and time and time again.

But no one wants to say it because everyone's so worried about offending somebody. No one wants to have this conversation at all. Oh, you think you think it's bad, man? If I told you every story I heard or saw from inside the military and the disaster that integrating women in every unit has come – not saying that say women can't serve. Of course, they could serve. Women served very honorably in World War Two. The things those nurses did for our guys were heroic in World War Two – place things like that. Women, of course, can serve.

Integrating women throughout every part of the military – it's the stupidest, most suicidal thing I've ever heard. And that same thing applies to street cops, too.


And I'll tell you something else. You're a freaking liar if you're sitting there saying you're offended. You know why I know you're a liar? Because if you go to sleep tonight. And you crawl into your bed. You pull those covers up around you and you drift off to sleep and you wake up to glass shattering at 2 a.m., and you're so scared, you feel like your heart's going to explode out of your chest. And you peak out into the living room and you see two 250 pound dudes rifling through your stuff in the living room and you call 9-1-1, and you had a choice on that phone call to send a five-foot-three, 120-pound cop to handle the problem or some gigantic dude full of twisted steel and sex appeal. I know exactly which one you would send to your home. I know exactly who you'd request. You would request the biggest, meanest barbarian in the history of mankind to come save you and your wife and your husband and your kids.


When did I ever claim to be nice? Have you ever once heard me claim to be nice? No. It is my job to be America's dad. America's mom has been in charge for way too long. Oh, you can do anything you want to do. No, you can't. There's tons of things you suck at. You'll never be able to do it. Oh, uh, we're equal – women could do anything men can do. Nope, you can't. You're smaller and weaker. No, you can't. God made us different. Not worse, but definitely not equal. We are all made different to do different things. And we've had America's mom in charge for far too long. Oh, you're upset. Let me put some baby powder on your butt and give you a little pat. Nope. It's. It's high time for Dad to step in. And that apparently has to be me to say, nope. I don't want to hear your crying. Your knee is fine. It's a little blood. Get up. Get back on the bike and try again. Sorry. That's – it seems to me because we talk about all these other things, gas prices and all the other things that come and those things are important. But we've just moved on and accepted things that are complete lies. The left and the right has accepted complete lies as the baseline for truth. Oh, I. I do hope the police department. I hope there are enough women there. I didn't say women can't be cops. Of course they can. Can have critical roles in police departments. They shouldn't be out there by themselves doing traffic stops because they're going to get their butts kicked. Are you offended? I don't care.