After Mar-a-Lago search, right-wing radio host calls for defunding the FBI and investigations of Democrats

Jesse Kelly instructs Republicans: “When we take over the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It will be completely defunded. It will be scattered into a thousand pieces and taken to the winds.”

Jesse Kelly on Mar-a-Lago search: Republicans must defund the FBI and investigate Democrats

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Citation From the August 8, 2022, edition of Premiere's The Jesse Kelly Show

JESSE KELLY (HOST): Are you starting to understand what we've been talking about the entire show and what we talk about completely about a turning that's coming – about how Western governments, especially America's government, they think you are the enemy.

Because remember, this is it always, always remember this. And I understand a lot of people are frustrated with Trump, and I'll get to that in a second actually. There's some legitimate criticism there. I understand a lot of people are frustrated with Trump and don't want him to run again or whatever and all that's that's fine. That's that's fine. Love him or hate him, that's fine.

But you better understand their hatred of Trump is actually a hatred of you. They don't care about Donald Trump. They hate you. They despise working people. They despise the middle class. They despise anybody who wants to close open borders. These people despise you.

And who has been telling you over and over and over and over and over again that the weaponized administrative state, a weaponized FBI, is the most dangerous thing happening in the United States of America today. And nothing else comes close. I mean, nothing else.

By the way, quick side note, we're going to get to the hopeful Jesse. We were supposed to be doing right now. Sorry. We have breaking news. I'm going to get to that second half of third hour. All right. Second half of third hour. I'm going to pick up my thinking on the states and why you have a level of protection there. But just – just set that aside for now. We have to address this because it's in our face.

Democrats – well, communists, they don't worry about decorum. They don't worry about how they look in the public eye. That's what Republicans do. Republicans will constantly try to form some message so they look as nice as humanly possible. Notice how communists never take that into consideration.

We are at a point in time where they have the poll numbers. Remember, we just played for you the audio earlier in the show. They have the poll numbers showing you hate them more than you've ever hated them. You distrust them more than you've ever distrusted them, including the FBI. FBI distrust in this country is at a level that has never been before in the history of the United States of America.

And what did the Communists do? Did they do what Republicans do? Lick his finger and stick it in the air and say, well, I mean, they're unhappy with. Let's back off, guys. No, he wouldn't even consider it because they're not playing the game to look good, sound nice. Be polite. They're playing the game to win the game. Are we?

Because – because this is what I expect. And I expect you will hear this for an entire day tomorrow on the radio. I expect you will see this all over your television set tonight. I expect you'll hear a lot and see a lot of this. Oh, can you imagine if this happened under Republicans and they did this to a Democrat? What hypocrisy can you imagine? This is such hypocrisy, guys. What hypocrisy?

If I have to hear one more freaking pundit or politician on the right whine about hypocrisy, I'm going to go throw myself off the Empire State Building. I swear.

Start fighting back. Have a joint press conference right now – when we take over the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It will be completely defunded. It will be scattered into a thousand pieces and taken to the winds. When we take over, we will launch investigation after investigation into Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, Dome Harris, whoever that loser is who married her, who actually bought the rental car, which is somehow amazing. We are going to investigate every single person. There will be indictments. There will be subpoenas unless all this stuff stops immediately. Indictments are coming for you.