UPDATED: “Pro-White” Radio Host Claims He Helped Jerome Corsi With Birther Story

The host of a self-described “pro-white” radio program has claimed that he helped WorldNetDaily reporter Jerome Corsi with a story related to Corsi's new book, Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.

James Edwards writes today that Corsi “personally e-mailed me a few months ago for some assistance on a story closely related to the contents of this book. I was happy to oblige and work behind-the-scenes with both Dr. Corsi and World Net Daily on this matter.”

Edwards is the host of the “pro-white” radio program The Political Cesspool. The show's website states: “We represent a philosophy that is pro-White ... We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.” The show regularly features a guest roster of “pro-white” figures like David Duke and “neo-Nazi activist April Gaede.”

Corsi is familiar with Edwards and his program. Corsi appeared on the July 20, 2008, edition of Edwards' radio show. He was also scheduled to appear again on August 17, 2008, but canceled following criticism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center writes that Edwards “has probably done more than any of his contemporaries on the American radical right to publicly promote neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, raging anti-Semites and other extremists.” Indeed, after promoting Corsi's book, Edwards transitions to promoting the pro-segregation book White Identity by Jared Taylor. The ADL notes that Taylor “founded The New Century Foundation, a self-styled think tank known primarily for American Renaissance, a white supremacist journal and companion Website.”

Edwards' website features countless posts bashing minority groups. Recent posts include headlines such as “When are white folks gonna listen??? DIVERSITY + CRAIGSLIST = DEATH,” “Black man fathers 23 children with 14 different women,” and “Blacks go wild at the Washington DC Zoo.”

Media Matters previously noted that last summer, Edwards said he was “working in cooperation” with WorldNetDaily on the story of Tim Adams, a former Hawaii elections clerk who claimed - obviously falsely - that the state of Hawaii did not have a long-form birth certificate for Obama. Adams made the claim on Edwards' radio program, which was broadcast that day at a “white supremacist” conference.

In January, Edwards wrote that Corsi “contacted me and practically begged me to share everything I knew with him.”

On April 7, Edwards wrote that "New York Times best selling author Jerome Corsi, a former Political Cesspool guest himself, immediately contacted me in hopes of working with us to uncover more of the story. I also had numerous e-mail and telephone exchanges with other top officials at World Net Daily. It's always rewarding when prominent media organizations can work together on issues of common ground. To this day, WND is still writing about Tim Adams."

In his book, Corsi spends several pages writing about Adams and also notes Edwards' involvement (simply identifying him as “the host of a weekly radio show on WLRM Radio in Memphis, Tennessee”). From page 270 of the book:

Adams told WND he has been telling other people his information for a long time, and is free to talk about it publically since he no longer has any confidentiality restrictions from his former employer, the Honolulu government.

Adams first brought his testimony to public attention when he was interview by James Edwards, the host of a weekly radio show on WLRM Radio in Memphis, Tennessee.


In an interview with Media Matters' Joe Strupp, Corsi criticized this post. Corsi said: “Jim Edwards did not help me with my book. The contact with Jim Edwards was that Tim Adams spoke on his program, and I wanted Tim Adams' phone number. Now if Jim Adams [sic] acting as a telephone directory is helping me with my book, I think that's a complete misrepresentation. And I object both to you - to Jim Edwards saying it, and you writing about it without even contacting me for comment. I want that said. That's the kind of twisting that I take to be typical of what you guys do and I'd like that said, too. Jim Edwards did not help me write my book, I never consulted with him on a single sentence of it, and his views are not represented in any way in the book. He gave me a telephone number when I was looking for Tim Adams.”