Jeffrey Lord defends his post attacking Sherrod for describing the beating death of Bobby Hall as a “lynching”

From a July 27 post at The American Spectator:

First, for the definition issue.

Random House Webster's College Dictionary defines lynching as: “to put to death, esp. hanging by mob action and without legal authority.”

I have read the Court's decision. Three people are not a “mob.” A mob is defined as a “large crowd.” So there was no “mob action” because there was no mob. Second, the Supreme Court specifically said the Sheriff and his deputy and a local policeman acted “under color of law.” Which means they had legal authority.

So to say that Bobby Hall was lynched is, factually, according to the Supreme Court and, if you prefer, Webster's, not true. No mob. Therefore no “mob action.” And the three had “legal authority.” So my new friend Radley “Boo” Balko over at Reason pounced...and got it wrong instantly.



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