On her radio show, Jeanine Pirro agrees with caller who claims Democrats are fomenting a race war by arming criminals

Jeanine Pirro agrees with caller who alleges that Democrats are formenting a race war

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Citation From the August 9, 2020, edition of WABC's Sunday Morning With Judge Jeanine

CALLER: Why are we afraid to talk about the elephant in the room? I mean, Biden spoke about an elephant. We can speak about an elephant. The issue is is that there's Letitia James and her ilk are foment a race war in this country. If you look at the political progression of certain issues, such as for example the no bail law. Before the no bail law judges were routinely letting murderers go on no bail to maime, rape and kill again while they were on bail. So that was all whitewashed by the no bail law. You thought they would go in the other direction, but no. Now on the issue of guns, you have all these mass shootings in Chicago and the riots and the defunding of the police, but that doesn't go far enough because the McCloskeys were able to defend themselves --

CALLER: So now they have to go further and take the guns away from people. Who do they want the guns to be in the hands of? The answer is very obvious, the criminals. And which criminals? We know which criminals, which segments of society are committing the crimes. This is a race war that's being fomented. 
PIRRO: Well, Larry, I got to tell you, it absolutely is a war out there. I think the fact that they made the decision to say that no bail is bail reform is such nonsense. It absolutely blows my mind. And we've got cases every day, Larry, that shows that people who are released with no bail -- just released on their own recognizance, I don't even know if it's on their own recognizance. Soon as the paper work's done they walk out. They walk by the cop who just finished doing the paper work. And then they go out and they kill again. In my new book Don't Lie to Me, I talk about this. I talk about the fact that New York City is a sanctuary city. New York City is a city where there's no consequence. You commit a crime, there's no consequence. You want to rob somebody? Go rob them and we'll let you out right after that. This is turning into Gotham. It is Gotham.
And they want to take down the NRA. And they want to prosecute people who are trying to defend themselves, their families, and their homes. And they want to limit the number of bullets in your magazine or your clip, the size of your clip. I mean, this is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. And if Americans don't understand, these leftists, progressive Marxists are looking for chaos and anarchy. They are looking to destroy America. We are better than this. We will not tolerate this. And Larry, I am convinced -- you got me going Larry, I'll give you that -- I am convinced that Americans are going to come out in droves and not just reelect Donald Trump, but reelect him to the shock of the left. They think they can pull the wool over our eyes. They think that we're stupid. They think that they can tell us that we can't go to church.
Dammit, it's Sunday and I just said what I shouldn't have said. But it's Sunday and if I want to go to church then it's none of your business. And if I want to own a gun then it's none of your business. It's my Second Amendment right. Nobody in Washington gave me that right. Nobody in the New York state legislature gave me that right. The attorney general isn't going to take it away from me. It's a God-given right that I have to defend myself. It's a natural right. So stop with this nonsense about taking guns away, about limiting the size of the guns, how many guns we can have, and about telling us that you're not going to let us defend ourselves with guns when you're defunding the police, you're not letting them respond, and nobody's coming back when we call 9-1-1.