Fox’s Pirro: Race Relations Were Primarily Fixed “When We Voted For A Black President Twice.”

From the July 14 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

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LISA KENNEDY (CO-HOST): He actually contradicted kind of himself, because after the shootings in Dallas, he said hey, race relations really aren't that bad in this country. And I think –

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): We're not that divided is what he said. 

KENNEDY: Yea and I think that is way of him to preserve his legacy falsely so. And its just another way he tries to sell a narrative not necessarily true. And I guess the point is, race relations should be a lot better under this president who, when he was campaigning in 2008 and some of his early speeches, he was much more adept at -- 

ERIC BOLLING: There were two hours between the two times he went to the podium in Poland. The second time after the officers were killed he said race relations aren’t as bad in this country as people think they are. The first time he didn't say that. He said we need fix the problem. This is a problem. And then –


JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST): America was color-blind when we voted for a black president twice. The problem is primarily fixed. He keeps makes it worse. They have fewer jobs now, he is just stoking the flames. 


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