Fox's Jeanine Pirro says that the real racists are asylum-seekers for trying to enter the United States

From the November 30 edition of Fox Nation's 10 Minute Justice:

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JEANINE PIRRO (HOST, JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE): OK, enough of the nonsense. Are you people stupid? Let me count the ways.

There's a way to come to our home: You apply to come here, and we decide if you do. You have to prove you're not a danger, like maybe a career criminal, a pedophile, a sadistic torturer, a rapist, a thief, an identity fraudster, a serial murderer -- well, you get the point. You prove you're mentally stable, as in not a schizophrenic, borderline psycho, depressed with a boatload of issues like those [former president of Cuba Fidel] Castro sent from Cuba in boats known as the Marielitos. You prove that you have something to offer us, as in a skill, a contribution to society, a real job you're capable of doing other than being a coyote dragging a family across, and other than trafficking in young women as in providing rape victims along the journey. 

You prove that you will not be a drain on our economy, as in, “I need immediate healthcare for me and my babies, including vaccinations, and I need immediate housing and food and school for my kids, and teachers who speak Spanish to separately teach my kids English, and we're going to need lawyers to represent me, and translators to tell me what's going on, and right away I need diapers and shoes and clothing right away because my climate is different than yours, and can you get me some chargers for the phones that I got from my poor country that I'm trying to get out of, and by the way I'm pregnant. How about some prenatal care?”

You prove that you want to assimilate here in the U.S., that you're willing to swear allegiance to our flag, to our great nation, as in you really want to be here. Prove it by waving our flag. And if the country that you're leaving is so horrible that you're running from them, what the hell are you doing waving their flag? Prove that you really want to become an American citizen, that you're going to learn our history, and get a lawyer to accomplish citizenship. 

Now, I may be a cynic, but something tells me if you're a single female with two babies and part of a caravan illegally rushing our border and throwing rocks at border agents, also known as lethal assault, well, you don't qualify. And, don't get me wrong, we welcome those seeking asylum from repression and violence. But you're in a caravan that the Department of Homeland Security says has more than 600 gang members, including MS-13. But if you want to come here, you apply, you do it legally, you're not entitled to come here, you have no right to come here, to assault our borders, and it's at our discretion that you do so. And then if we agree, you get to the back of the line like everyone else.

And don't give me this racism nonsense. We fought a civil war to make sure that we put an end to the stain of racism and slavery in our nation. We're not racist. Truth be told, you're engaging in reverse racism. It seems you think that your skin color entitles you to be here ahead of everyone else in the world who may have a different skin color but who's suffering the same injustice. You're not. 

And all you actors ought to stick to your scripts because you don't have a clue of what you're talking about. Anne Hathaway, border agents using lethal force? Say what? Do you even know what the term means? The only lethal force used here was the throwing of rocks by the illegals as they charged our borders. And “gassing children”? I'm sorry, but gassing children to me has visions of children being really gassed in ovens intentionally until they actually die. Save the drama for your next movie. 

And Alyssa Milano criticizes the president for doing this on Thanksgiving weekend. Alyssa, first of all, illegals don't know or practice Thanksgiving. Americans do. And it's the illegals who chose when they were going to rush our border, throwing rocks at our border agents.

You know, maybe we, the taxpaying American people funding this fiasco -- funding the border, the patrol and the ICE agents, the immigration courts, the judges, detention centers -- maybe we're the real victims of repression, since we're just trying to live our lives and protect our families and our pocketbooks from you illegals who have no right to come here, be here, stay here, or are the ones who actually started this mess.


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