Fox's Jeanine Pirro claims door-to-door vaccine outreach is about confiscating guns

Pirro: “If you put the dots together ... it's about confiscating your gun”

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Citation From the July 10, 2021, edition of Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine

JEANINE PIRRO (HOST): This week, Joe Biden said he will begin door-to-door outreach for COVID vaccinations. Think about that. The intrusion. The invasion of your privacy. Strange people coming to your door, asking how many people live in your home or apartment.

Where is that mindset coming from? To me, it all ties together. The failure to fund police in a way that prevents them from being effective. The refusal by prosecutors to prosecute rogue judges who are letting criminals out to kill again. And now, leftists blaming guns and not the criminals for all the crime in America.

If you put the dots together, Joe Biden's irrational belief he can control the Second Amendment, along with his belief he can go door-to-door with Democrats' intentional refusal to fight crime, tells me there is an end game. It's not about votes. It's not only about registering your gun. It's about confiscating your gun.