Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro calls for the imprisonment of drug addicts

Pirro: “If ever there were a time to at least consider that criminal justice system as leverage, it's now”

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Citation From the August 17, 2023 edition of Fox News' The Five 

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): Judge, you look at these store owners in Philly, setting up booby traps. It's kind of funny but if you know if anything goes awry, they're the ones that go to jail. 

JEANINE PIRRO (GUEST): Doesn't it remind you, Greg, of the -- there was a guy who took a hose to some homeless people in front of his business and I think he got arrested for something or charged with something. Look, I was a narcotics judge and I was also a D.A. and I helped create the drug courts in Westchester County.

Look, you need the leverage. You need the stick. They're not going to go into treatment unless they're faced with jail time and a lot would rather go to jail than go to treatment. So, we had something going for us when we have the big stick and the leverage.

What has happened now is we have so normalized drug abuse and drug addiction that we have created these safe injection sites and vending machines with needles and all kinds of laws that literally protect these people and allow them to do this in front of residences and businesses. But in front of your house, Greg, if you want to put a 3-foot fence, you know, you'll get charged and fined for doing that but they can do that all over and destroy things. And drugs are more dangerous than ever now. If ever there were a time to at least consider that criminal justice system as leverage, it's now because a little fentanyl is going to kill you. 


You pass laws, you enforce laws and then people, like the guy from Gump's, don't have to stand there and say, "We can't live like this." There is an intentional destruction of America and it should stop and it can stop.